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14-Mar-2007, 10:30
I just thought I'd share...

I came upon two cans of extremely old Ethol (powder), yesterday. I think I was given these from a retiring photographer something like 10-15 years ago...and they were old even then! I forgot to place an order for new dektol, so I was in a jam. So...I figure, what they hey...let's try the old stuff. After all, Ethol is known for its longevity!

Opening the first can I discovered an oxidized, brown mess...sort of looked like soil from may garden, but the smell...ooph! This can was a bit rusty, but the other looked in better shape. Opening the second, I was pleased to discover only a mildly discolored powder...not unlike Instant Ice-Tea mix. So I went ahead and mixed it up.

I've been struggling with this certain print for some time...gone through several hoops, intensifying the negative, split filtration, still not quite getting the proper tonal separation. But with the ancient Ethol...let me tell ya! Just what it needed. Wow. I think I just might try some new Ethol and see if that does as well.


CJ Jordan

22-Mar-2007, 01:37
LPD is my favourite developer! I have a few cans that are many years old and they work just as well, even the ones that are dark brown. I split print with it and a tray of Selectol Soft (I've been hording SS for the last few years).

Great stuff!

Paul Bujak
12-Apr-2008, 19:05
While shopping for Dektol today, I came across two cans of Ethol LPD equally ancient. They were pre-ZIP code! I guess that makes them 50 years old or more.

I'm glad to see that the old stuff still has the possibility of making good prints. Now I'm torn with using the LPD or saving the full cans as collector's items. Maybe I'll use one and save the other. I can always fall back to the Dektol.

The cans were in good condition, no corrosion, and I could hear the powder when I shook the can.

Turner Reich
12-Apr-2008, 19:42
LPD, the little know secret in the world of developers. Get a can and outlast photography as it is presently known. Like Napoleon wine found recently, it's as good or better as the day it was made.

13-Apr-2008, 00:11
It lasts about as long in working solution, too :)