View Full Version : Posting photos?

Scott --
14-Mar-2007, 07:34
Hi, all -

Ok, I'm new here. I post on nelsonfoto.com a lot; posting of photos is encouraged there. I'm way excited with my step into LF and want to share, but I wanted to check first about the policy with posting photos here. Is there a limit? Is it condoned?


Ralph Barker
14-Mar-2007, 08:06
To paraphrase the old drill sergeant, if ya got 'em, post 'em.

On the old system, we had no means of uploading images, so few were posted. With this software we now have two methods by which images can be posted: either uploading to our server, or inclusion from an outside server via a link. The former (upload) does consume some storage and bandwidth resources, so there are limitations on size (650x650, 150KB). Links to an external image server don't consume resources on our server, so the size limitations don't apply.

So, as long as the quantity remains reasonable, image posting is encouraged - especially if used to illustrate a point of discussion.