View Full Version : Death Valley this weekend.

JW Dewdney
13-Mar-2007, 22:26
Hi - I want to spend a couple days shooting some specific parts of death valley this weekend (no... not the dunes...). I could really use some help with some of the shots (carrying equipment, etc..). If there's someone else who was thinking along similar lines - I'd be certainly game for a mutual assistance situation. Any interest or time?

Robert Hall
14-Mar-2007, 12:58
Carry? If you can't shoot it from the road, it isn't photogenic. :)

Just kidding. Hope you have a good time.

JW Dewdney
14-Mar-2007, 13:08
Yeah - you've got a point... I haven't done landscapes for awhile... mostly mired in architectural work - and I guess I'm spoiled and used to having an assistant - I'm AMAZED I don't have a FLURRY of responses with the offer to help carry my gear...!! LOL.

I'm starting to think I should get a field camera and a tiltall...

but seriously - it was more a shooting buddy I was looking for... thinking it would be inspiring (and safer maybe!). I can carry my own stuff.

JW Dewdney
14-Mar-2007, 13:23
BTW - what are peoples' thoughts on safety and shooting in the wilderness (desert, especially!) - seems there are urban legends about sick people out there... has me a bit freaked out.

I was passing through Death Valley a few weeks ago - and found some AMAZING stuff to shoot - esp. between D.V. and Las Vegas... some VERY surreal landscapes near and around Trona, etc...

Scott Davis
14-Mar-2007, 14:17
I've gone up in the Sierra (not TOO far from well-trafficked areas, but nonetheless) all by my lonesome with a 4x5 in a backpack. My biggest concern was always should I befall an accident of nature (unseen crevasse, ornery rattlesnake, etc) and not running afoul of the world's greatest predator.

Robert Hall
14-Mar-2007, 14:20
"has me a bit freaked out."

Don't worry about it. Just go shoot and have a good time. Leave the (non-camera) baggage behind! ;)