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13-Mar-2007, 12:20
I have found a Schneider-Kreunach Xenar lens f4.7-32 1 to 1/500 will this lens work on calumet 4x5?

Dan Fromm
13-Mar-2007, 13:12
Depends on its focal length. What is its focal length?

On the information you've given, possible answers are: absolutely not; perhaps; of course it will.

13-Mar-2007, 13:13
oops 135mm

13-Mar-2007, 13:16
Yes. Yes...It'll work fine.

14-Mar-2007, 18:37
this lens also compur-p graflex. Is this lens going to have enough coverage to let me do movements?

14-Mar-2007, 20:34
OK. You really need to do some reading instead of bombarding the group with a hunderd questions like "I found a shcneider lens in a compur shutter. will it work?". Try searching the archives. Read the articles in the main site. Get a book and read about lenses and optics.

Here are some general guidelines for 4x5:

Practically, any lens intended for large format use that has a focal length of 150mm will cover and allow for enough movements to be interesting/useful. Most 135mm lenses will also be acceptable in these terms though will allow for smaller movements.

Some good choices are:

Schneider 135mm f4.7 Xenar
Schneider 150mm f4.5 Xenar
Schneider 150mm f5.6 Xenar
Schneider 135mm f5.6 Symmar or Symmar-S or APO Symmar, etc..

Rodenstock 135mm f5.6 Sironar, Sironar-N, Sironar-S
Rodenstock 150mm f5.6 Sironar, Sironar-N, Sironar-S

Wollensak 135mm f4.7 Raptar
Graflex 135mm f4.7 Optar

Kodak 127mm f4.7 Ektar
Kodak 152mm f4.7 Ektar

135mm or 150mm Caltar-S, Caltar S-II, Caltar II-N, etc...

These are all GOOD. Thousands of people have started with one of these lenses. Buy one and give it a try. Then buy another and try again. Buy a book and read. Reapeat. Enjoy.

16-Mar-2007, 11:22
BradS; Sorry! I did finally find the search...to check out the archives....awesome....most forums of other types I have been in have a search window...on this one one pops up at the search tab. How ever after reading I find that not all the lenses you listed are really adequate for a 4x5 if you want to do any movements....unless they are very slight. To clarify The Schneider Xenar series, the Wollensack, the Graflex 135mm have notoriously small film circlesapprox. 165mm. They were actually intended for use on Press type cameras and will not accomodate shifts or swings, unless you plan to crop your images the negatives will easily get black corners. So in the future if your going to suggest lenses to a newbie like me please don't recommend a lens that will not work well on a full movement camera. I don't have money to burn on a lens that will not do what I need. I always thought Forums were for the sharing of information and knowledge? It is true the lenses will work but very limited as they were not meant to be used on full movement camers's. That is the type of help I was looking for........I bought a Fujinon 135mm W f5.6 with a 228mm film circle. This lens will accomodate all the movments and do what I want it to. I paid $149. I can afford to pay for one lens right now....not several.....thats why I was bombarding the questions I needed help.

Jim Rice
16-Mar-2007, 17:26
210 Sironar-N. Not too expensive, a very nice focal length for the format, breathtakingly sharp, and gobs of coverage. Just my free advice.

Ted Harris
16-Mar-2007, 18:09
In this particular instance check the Schneider website as well .... lots of info on ALL their lenses, including vintage lenses. Here is the link to the data for this particular lenses: http://www.schneideroptics.com/info/vintage_lens_data/large_format_lenses/xenar/data/4,7-135mm.html

Ole Tjugen
16-Mar-2007, 20:06
In this particular instance check the Schneider website as well .... lots of info on ALL their lenses, including vintage lenses.

MOST of them. You won't find the 150mm f:5.6 Xenar there, or the 210mm f:6.1 Xenar. They seem to be too new to be in the "vintage lenses" section, and were removed from the LF lenses when they went out of production.

And there are quite a few old strange lenses you won't find there - Isconar, Xenar Typ D, Aerotar, just to mention a few...

Turner Reich
16-Mar-2007, 22:15
150mm f:5.6 Xenar in a Copal 0 shutter, I have one of them and a Symmar 210 in a Copal 1 shutter.

Jim Rhoades
17-Mar-2007, 06:11
BunsterO, BradS did not give you bad information. He has no way of knowing just how much coverage you need. I have a Schneider Xenar 150 f5.6 that is a go to lens that has never failed to impress me with how sharp it is. And I wish that I had the 210mm 6.1 instead of my Rodenstock. Some of my favorite shots have been with a Xenar 135. A wonderful lens. Do these lenses have a small amount of movement compared to a 5.6 Plasmat? Sure, but many of us find that camera movement is over-rated. For me the advantage of the small and light lenses far out weight lots of coverage.

If your shooting for Architectural Digest then you might need a 3 pound lens with 100 degree coverage but you never said that.