View Full Version : Tominon 105mm lens on copal #0 shutter

13-Mar-2007, 12:04
I have found a Tominon 105mm lens on a Polaroid copal #0 shutter f/4.5-32 1 to 1/125 that the seller says is a coated lens. will this work on a calumet 4x5?

Mark Stahlke
13-Mar-2007, 12:10
Sort of. It should be nice at 1:1 or there about. At infinity, it will illuminate 4x5 but will be unacceptably soft around the edges.


Pete Watkins
13-Mar-2007, 12:20
In my opinion these are superb close up lenses. If you want to try close ups buy it at a sensible price, bear in mind that many/most of these shutters do NOT have a diaphram so any lens that you intend to screw into them needs an independent diaphram.

Dan Fromm
13-Mar-2007, 13:16
No way except as a macro lens.

Pete, Bunster0 has an inexact way about him that makes clear responses to his questions impossible.

FYI, there are at least two versions of the 105/4.5 Tominon. I'm acquainted with two of them. One, for the Polaroid MP-4 is in barrel and is intended to be front-mounted on a Copal #1 press shutter without diaphragm. That's the one you're thinking of. There's another for the Polaroid CU-5 that is mounted in shutter. The CU-5's version's shutter has a diaphragm.



13-Mar-2007, 13:32
thnaks guys I,m scratching this one off my list thanks so much!