View Full Version : laminating large prints

13-Mar-2007, 11:26
Does anyone have experience with face mounting large prints (24X30 and larger) onto plexiglass rather than using mattes and plexiglass in the traditional way? David Fokos used this techniques in one of his New York exhibits and it looked great. The photos are on his web site. I was wondering if anyone knows of anyone who does this type of work. Thanks.


tim atherton
13-Mar-2007, 11:50
try a search on here on face mounting

13-Mar-2007, 12:39
Yes, I have had it done, but it was expensive, but worth in on the right image.

19-Mar-2007, 05:50
Color Services in Needham, Ma do it (its where David Hilliard, Laura McPhee, Barbara Bosworth, Frank Gohlke, etc go)

A 24x30 should cost you about $120.

contact info:
120 Hampton Ave
Needham MA 02494

And, if there's any question, I have nothing to do with them other than getting my film processed there.