View Full Version : Agfa Sistan Update

John Sarsgard
13-Mar-2007, 11:03
This will likely be of interest only to a few of us wackos that print on warmtone paper and can't easily use selenium toner for permanence, and others with their own attachment to Sistan. The stuff is finally available at retail in the U.S. again, at Freestyle. Just thought some of you might want to know!

Oren Grad
13-Mar-2007, 11:51
The Elixir of Life! ;)

...fellow wacko Oren

Eric Woodbury
13-Mar-2007, 11:59
Yippee. Also noticed that Neutol Plus was back, although they aren't giving it away.

John Sarsgard
13-Mar-2007, 17:17
They probably aged the Neutol in small oak barrels. Ready to drink now!