View Full Version : Linhof Technica III ground glass positioning

Doug Truax
13-Mar-2007, 09:34
I'm afraid I must revisit the issue of ground glass and fresnel lens positioning. I recently purchased a Linhof Technika III, Version V in fine condition. I decided, however, the ground glass assembly needed cleaning and proceeded to disassemble it. And, of course, I forgot the exact position of the glass and fresnel. Based on what I could determine from the edge markings, I reassembled the glass in this order (from photographer's eye to lens): ground glass (frosted side toward lens) and then fresnel lens (rough side closest to lens).

Is this correct? I understand from previous discussions that this is different from the model IV onward.

Finally, I can see that the two left slides on the Graflok back tighten and release the back, but I don't understand the function of the two slides on the right. I'm missing something obvious, I'm sure.