View Full Version : movements with omega 45d and ektar 127

jj golden
12-Mar-2007, 19:06
Hello all, I know with my ektar 127mm lens on my 4x5 i understand my movements are limited, i was wondering what kind of movements i can do with this and still get decent coverage, thanks and best regards

Gene McCluney
12-Mar-2007, 19:33
You can do a bit, if you stop way down. I did a job with this lens a couple weeks ago, and I was surprised that I had some coverage.

13-Mar-2007, 12:34
The 127mm Ektar is an amazing little lens. Much better than all the other press camera lenses in that range. In an odd design descision, it appears that Kodak elected to have the sharpness fall off well before the light falls off. So, it'll get soft in the corners before it gets dark. The Schneider Xenars on the other hand seem to do the opposite. They, Schneider, seem to have restricted the circle of illumination some how so that, in the Xenars at least, the light will fall of before you loose sharpness.

All this aside, the 45D is capable of much more movement than the little 127mm Ektar can accomodate.

jj golden
13-Mar-2007, 22:44
so with a 6x9 film back, i can have all my movements, is that correct? im sure the 127 can easily cover that. or i hope so

14-Mar-2007, 01:06
so with a 6x9 film back, i can have all my movements, is that correct? im sure the 127 can easily cover that. or i hope so

Yes. The 127mm Ektar will easily cover 6x9 with plenty of movements.

jj golden
14-Mar-2007, 06:11
so whats the advantage of shooting medium format film in a large format camera?

Jim Jones
14-Mar-2007, 07:06
Economy, availability of film and processing, conveninece of transport, perhaps compatability with MF cameras and darkroom, etc. Many of us don't find these advantages compelling, others do.

Gene McCluney
14-Mar-2007, 08:44
In addition to the advantages outlined by Jim above, if you shoot medium-format film on your large format camera, you have the advantage of movements to correct for distortion, or to adjust Zone-of-focus to fit your subject. Really, all the same features you have with sheet film, except you cannot individually process each sheet to "contour" the tone range in the developer.

Jim Rhoades
15-Mar-2007, 06:18
With 6x9 it should be OK, within reason. Brad brings up the point about the light in the corners. The 127 throws a lot of light into corners that go way beyond what's sharp. But when shooting you tend to worry about focus toward the center of the frame not looking at the edges. After development or when trying to print is when you see just how limited the 127 is in coverage. It was really a 3x4 press lens so even a 6x9 back on a view camera can push it outside it's field of view.