View Full Version : nikon 105mm 5.6 lens

bill kuhns
12-Mar-2007, 18:05
Anyone have any information about a Nikon 105mm f5.6 4X5 lens. Any good, value, etc.

Walter Calahan
12-Mar-2007, 18:32
@f/5.6 image circle 121mm diameter
@f22 image circle 155mm diameter

I believe this is a better 6x9 lens.

12-Mar-2007, 18:42
It is a decent performer, nothing like the SSXL110 but a nice lens. It is pretty light and small and should be relatively inexpensive. It uses a 52mm filter. B&H sells it new (graymarket) for $370. KEH has some clean ones for ~$280. Like the other Nikkors, it tends to be relatively sharp and contrasty. Some say the Nikkors are too contrasty but I like them. The main issue is the IC which is pretty marginal for 4x5. At f22 it is only 155mm. The Nikkor catalog calls it a 4x5 lens but that is pretty optimistic. Most would call it a 6x9 lens. If you don't want any movements it works OK on 4x5 but you can't move it much before you run out of illumination. Make sure you are talking about the Nikkor-W. There is also a Nikkor-M 105 f3.5 which has an even smaller IC (110mm at f22).
Dave B.