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Walter Jakubowski
12-Mar-2007, 17:48
I've researched on this forum the compatibility of the Kodak and Fuji Film and Holders and what I'm reading is that the Fuji Quickload Film packets are
compatible with the Kodak "single sheet" Readyload holder (latest incarnation) and not vice-versa. Can anyone verify this compatibility? Thanks,


12-Mar-2007, 17:53
Hi Walter,

You may wish to read the information from the Robert White website in the link below. Read about their tests with the different holders and film packets in the middle of the page:


This evaluation has generally been my understanding basically since the introduction of the Fuji Quickload holders. Others have different opionions and experience.


Eric Leppanen
12-Mar-2007, 18:06
Here is another source:


Personally I have been using both Quickloads and Readyloads in my Kodak single-sheet filmholder without problems. Readyloads do not work in my Fuji Quickload filmholder.

Ron Marshall
12-Mar-2007, 19:31
Correct, I've never had a problem using Fuji Quickloads with the Kodak Holder, but apparently the reverse is not true.

Gordon Moat
13-Mar-2007, 13:23
I tested with wasted film packets in cross compatibility on both systems. Best I can state is that it seems to work, though the best reliability is using the branded film in the same branded holder. Get a film packet in wrong in either system, and if the film jambs it means pulling apart the holder. My feeling is that it is best to own both when shooting both types of films, though if you want to consider each as a back-up holder for the other, it might work sometimes. If I had to cross systems, I think it is an acceptable risk, though I avoid doing that.


Gordon Moat
A G Studio (http://www.allgstudio.com)

Brad Rippe
13-Mar-2007, 20:13
I sometimes use Fuji Acros 100 in my Kodak readyload holder, works great. I don't know if Kodak films work in the Fuji holder.

Walter Jakubowski
15-Mar-2007, 05:45
Thanks to everyone who responded. I'm trying to minimize my gear plus open options
for film to shoot. Certainly shooting either the ReadyLoads or QuickLoads reduces one's
film options to a degree but it sounds like the Kodak Holder will work for both.


Ted Harris
15-Mar-2007, 05:59
Walter, so will the Polaroid 545/5451/545pro holders. Some will argue not quite as goo dfilm flatness and while technically right you aren't likely to notice differences in non critical shots and it gives you one more film option.

Kirk Gittings
15-Mar-2007, 11:51
Ted the older Polaroid holders are terrible, the newer one are better, but I couldn't tell you when the change took place and what to tell people to look for. Mine is horrid even after I had it rebuilt by Polaroid. It is a design flaw, but mine is ancient.