View Full Version : LARGE Format - on-line example of detail & tone

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
18-Aug-2000, 17:14
Not to steal Tuan's (or anyone else's for that matter) thunder, but click here to see some incredible examples of vintage large format images and the detail ev en old gear can materials can produce


Truly amazing!

David Richhart
18-Aug-2000, 17:55
WOW, I'm with you Sean... the images are amazing, and a great example of what the focussing capabilities of large format can accomplish...

I'm also impressed by the quality of the interior lighting... It's hard to account for everything when you are working in an area as large as a football field! Yet the photographer managed to capture the details in the bright areas without sacrificing the shadows. A fine piece of work. -Dave

Robb Reed
28-Aug-2000, 16:10
Truly Amazing! I wonder if there are LF shots of the goose fully assembled?

Thanks for the info Sean.