View Full Version : G-Claron 210 or 240 for 8x10

Kevin Klazek
11-Mar-2007, 15:32
I understand from my research on this forum that both lens will cover 8x10. The 240 will have lots of movement. How much movement is availible for the 210? I shoot mainly landscape.


11-Mar-2007, 15:34
Gain a stop. Save some money. Buy a Fuji 210mm W. The older series.

Back to the claron. 80degrees? 350mm of IC for the 210.

Janko Belaj
11-Mar-2007, 15:43
I'm happy with my 240, but not with 210. 240 gives me some space for movements focused at infinite, but I'm thinking of buying some lens with larger IC. So, in case G-Claron 210 vs 240, my vote goes for 240mm.

John Kasaian
11-Mar-2007, 19:10
I'm with Janko. The 240 is a very useful lens on 8x10. My one wider 8x10 lens is a 159mm f9.5 Wollensak which dosen't offer any wiggle room, but is a delight anyway.

Brian Ellis
11-Mar-2007, 19:35
I used a 210 for 8x10 and liked it a lot. It's a small, light lens good for backpapcking. You need to stop down to about f22 to have enough room for significant movements and then the more you continue to stop down after that the wider the usable image circle becomes. I normally stopped down to at least f22 anyhow so that wasn't a big deal. The 210 will definitely work with 8x10, the 240 will probably work better in terms of movements (I've owned a 240 but I never used it for 8x10 so I can't compare the two). I think it's just a question of how important the greater angle of view with the 210 is compared to the 240, assuming other things (e.g. price, condition, shutter, etc.) are more or less the same.

11-Mar-2007, 22:02

Definitely the 240 G-Claron...

Caveat: Have not used the 210 before.


John Berry
12-Mar-2007, 00:26
I used a 240 much more than my 210. As stated before, I don't think the wider view is enough to justify the loss of movement. Mount the 210 in a wood box. Shoot it like a brownie. Same movement available.

phil sweeney
12-Mar-2007, 03:03
The 210 g-claron just covers 8 x 10. I put one on my 7 x 17 to check it further. I like a 210 with more movement. I have an older Fuji that does well.

Brian Ellis
12-Mar-2007, 19:41
The 210 covers 8x10 with ample room for movements if you stop down. The more you stop down the greater the usable image circle. If you go to f64 you have lots of room for movements. With 8x10, especially if contact printing, diffraction isn't a real concern so smaller apertures are very feasible.

Kirk Fry
12-Mar-2007, 21:55
According to Schneider, a 240 is not supposed to cover 8 X 10, but it does. The 210 just makes it. I have both. K Go with the 240.

Kevin Klazek
13-Mar-2007, 06:50
Thanks for all the responses. It seems the 210 will cover when stopped down. So it does come down to preference in angle of view. I am not a big fan of super wide but prefer moderate wide. With a 300 standard, I am not sure the 240 would be enough of a spread, but a 210 is not a great deal more. Decsions!!!!!