View Full Version : Hoya brand Center Filters for wide angle lenses

Bruce Gavin
4-Jun-2000, 02:13
Does anybody have experience with the Hoya brand of neutral density Center Filte rs?

I have a Nikkor-SW 120mm with a 77mm filter thread. I cannot find a center filt er to this thread size from either Schneider or Rodenstock.

Hoya offers the H-A/CND77 model filter for $235. Kinda lot of money to spend on something sight unseen...

Bob Salomon
4-Jun-2000, 08:12
Make sure it is awide angle center filter with the front larger then the rear. Ones that are the same size front and rear will vignette. Heliopan does have a 77mm Center Filter

4-Jun-2000, 11:24
Bruce ; as I mentioned in a related thread, you might also consider the 77mm centre filter Fuji makes for their 6x17 panoramic cameras.

Kevin Kemner
4-Jun-2000, 17:11

Visit the Filter connection at www.2filter.com, I think I saw a couple different center filter options there.

Howard Slavitt
4-Jun-2000, 23:48
The Heliopan center filters work very well. I use a 67 mm Heliopan ceterfilter with my 58 mm Schneider XL and my exposures are extremely even across the entire frame, using Velvia, and using movements. The front on the Heliopans is larger, for a wide angle design.

Bruce Gavin
5-Jun-2000, 00:47
I looked up the Fuji center filter on Calumet's web site, and about choked at the price. I would prefer a Heliopan filter anyway, but was unable to find an online catalog of their offerings.

Now that I know Heliopan offers one, I will check into it. If too expensive, I will see if it can be had cheaper out of the country (www.robertwhite.co.uk, etc). If not, then Hoya offers one in 77mm for $235.

I've been toying with the idea of attaching my Nikkor-SW 120 to a HOBO 8x10 body and having a fixed focus ultra-wide gizmo. The center filter will be mandatory for that application.

Bob Salomon
5-Jun-2000, 06:57
Heliopan center filters are sold by a myrid of dealers across the U.S. While many may not have a web site most do have free 800 numbers for sales.

Why not call one or check a web site like Ken Hansen who does syock them. Or the Filter Connection or Filter Find who are also dealers.

David A. Goldfarb
5-Jun-2000, 11:02
bhphoto.com has good prices on Heliopan filters.

Bruce Gavin
6-Jun-2000, 16:28
I was able to better navigate the B&H photo site this time around. Evidently they like to use Windows NT for their servers, which accounts for why their web site went comatose... but that is a topic for another place and time..

The Heliopan filters are very present on the B&H site. I was amazed at the prices for some of them, also. Perhaps you get what you pay for.

I was hunting for an infrared 87c filter, and figured I should go Series VIII so it will fit on my 67 to 82mm thread lenses. Hooboy... is it expensive at $169...

The center filter for my 77mm Nikkor-SW is there too, over $300 for that one.