View Full Version : film storage

Raven Garrow
4-Jun-2000, 00:30
When keeping film in the refrigerator at 55 degrees or less (according to Kodak) and you want to use some of it ( T-Max 4x5), do you take out the box of film an d let it warm to room temp., then load the holders and put the rest of the film back, or do you take the box of film out, load the holders right away, then allo w 2-3 hrs. before use?

Robert A. Zeichner
4-Jun-2000, 08:56
I generally keep each box of film in a ziplock bag. When I remove a box from the fridge, I wait an hour or two until the box has reached room temp. Then, I remove it from the ziplock. This way, when the warm moist air contacts the cool dry package, the resultant condensation forms on the outside of the bag. The contents remain dry. If you load refrigerated film into holders without properly thawing, you will get condensation on the film the instant the warm air contacts it. This can't be good!

Doug Paramore
4-Jun-2000, 11:34
Raven, I agree about warming the film up first. I got in a hurry last fall, and even though I knew better, I loaded film directly out of the freezer. Dumb move. Moisture condensed on the film, very effectivly sticking the film to the backing plate in the holder. I had to rip it out of the holder, which removed a lot of the paint from the backing plate. It also stuck to the film channels in the holder, and that ain't easy to clean out. If I know I am going to be loading holders the next day, I leave it out overnight. If you are using a lot of film, there may not be any advantage in storing small boxes in the fridge.