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Bruce G. Collier
10-Mar-2007, 14:07
I recently had the great fortune of traveling through Turkey and have posted my large format shots from this. Locations include Istanbul, Van, Dogubayazit, Ishak Pasa, Mt. Nemrut, the Cappadocia area, Antalya, Termessos, Kekova, Sirince w/Selcuk and Ephesus, Pamukkale, Aizanoi, and Kutahya.

Turkey Travel Images - Large Format (http://www.brucegcollier.com/galleries/turkey/level2_lf.htm)

Color images start about 3/4's of the way down the thumbnail list on the right.

Because of the travel and the relatively short times afforded in each location, I chose to bring a converted Polaroid 110B 4x5. I did bring a tripod, but many shots are handheld. Except in a museums and the more famous Istanbul sites, I was left alone to use the tripod as desired, so that was nice. Technical information regarding film, filters, etc can be found for each image by punching the 'info' button to right. If you are interested in seeing more of the journey, you can select the 'Turkey' pulldown on the left (mostly medium format).

Feedback always appreciated.

Regards, Bruce

Eric Woodbury
10-Mar-2007, 19:44

I'm so curious about this. I have been to Turkey twice, both times to visit my sister living there. Once I took a tripod and as you said, used it most places. I was allow only one picture in the Blue Mosque court yard and none in Sophia. The one at the Blue Mosque required a great discussion on the part of my sister with the guards.

I would like to go again for just photography, maybe for a month or more. Did you ever see sheet film or 120 roll film for sale in Turkey? Did you see chemistry for sale? I would like to develop my film there. What languages do you speak? I understand German is helpful. My sister spoke Turkish. I heard some German. English was worthless except a little on the second trip and then only in Istanbul.

Thanks for the pix. Very nice. EW

Scott Rosenberg
10-Mar-2007, 19:49
excellent stuff, bruce. i took a look around your northwest section - WOW!! there's some amazing stuff on your site.

11-Mar-2007, 01:08

Spectacular images and a very informative site!

Are you scanning your color neg film? If so, what are you using re scanner and software...great color!


Bruce G. Collier
11-Mar-2007, 09:21
Eric - Thanks for the nice comments. Let's see, I didn't see any sheet or 120 film, or chemistry while there, but it's because I wasn't looking. I packed everything over and brought it all home for processing (80 sheets and 60 rolls). I'm sure it's there as the city is one of the world's largest and is very modern, in many parts anyways.

As for languages, only English here, unfortunately. That said, I never had problems anywhere and that included some far off outposts deep in the hinterlands. I'm not saying that every person we came across spoke English, but they always found someone nearby who did. We did come across a bit of German, but anywhere a tourist is likely to go, English tends to be the second language - at least that was my observation. I wouldn't worry about it.

I, too, have been twice ('98) and the cost difference was night and day. I remember staying in $4/nt rooms previously, but this trip, no matter where we stayed, was $20/nt lowest and averaged closer to $30. Definitely was not my cheapest trip this time. :)

Bruce G. Collier
11-Mar-2007, 17:25
Thank you, Scott.

Paul - Yes, I scan my web images with a Canon D2400U and adjust color with Photoshop. I usually have digital shots for reference. Thanks for the comments.

Regards, Bruce