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Brian Legere
2-Jun-2000, 11:53
I am interested in A 2x3 Linhoff technica.Any advice on this camera and format w ould be appreciated.Is this a good flexible medium format(with a roll back).Or a comprimised large format?Can it take modern lenses? Does it have alot of moveme nts?.I like to shoot landscape and architecture.

Bob Salomon
2-Jun-2000, 14:41
Why don't you have us send you a brochure on the Technikas, and if you like, Linhof's other 69 cameras, the TK 23S and the M679?

neil poulsen
4-Jun-2000, 08:00
I had a 2x3 Tech IV for awhile with the 65 Angulon, 105 Zeiss, and 180 Tele-Arton cammed lenses. It was a nice camera in many respects, that was built like a German Tiger. It could be used effectively hand held, yet it could also be used on a tripod for it's movements. You won't get extensive movements, but they seemed to be sufficient for landscape. Like this and another Linhof I've owned, the camera seemed a little prone to flare. Don't even think about purchasing backs new for this camera; they're incredibly expensive. But, they can be found used for about $200-$400.

I experienced a problem with the 65mm Angulon lens, though. The viewer impeded it's rise, so I would recommend the V over the IV, the camera with the flap above the lens. Worth checking into, it's also possible that, by using a Super Angulon, you might be able to avoid this problem on the IV. The Super Angulon has a larger flange focal distance than the Angulon. I didn't have the opportunity to check this before moving onto a larger format.

Bob Salomon
4-Jun-2000, 08:15
"so I would recommend the V over the IV, the camera with the flap above the lens"

The Super Technika V, 23b has the flap. The Super Technika V 23 does not have the flap