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Guy Stewart
8-Mar-2007, 13:33
Can anyone recommend a person (name and tel number or email) who will make color carbon prints for others?

Also, I'd like to know who (name and tel number or email) the LF community thinks does the best Ciba/Ilfochrome printing.

Thank you.

Guy Stewart

Scott Davis
8-Mar-2007, 13:39
I can't recommend as I've never used their service, but http://www.colorcarbonprint.com/ offers this service. I do know that the process is very labor-intensive and frightfully expensive. They don't even quote pricing on their website.

Brian C. Miller
8-Mar-2007, 13:45
When they first started up in Seattle, their website listed an 8x10 at something like $300 per print.

John Berry
8-Mar-2007, 18:43
I have seen Todds work in person. The web is able only wet your taste buds for the real thing.

robert lyons
9-Mar-2007, 05:02
tod's work is amazing.....call them or write. i have worked with them for the past 5 years....and i am very picky...he is wonderful, thoughtful and open to doing the work correctly!

Guy Stewart
9-Mar-2007, 07:35
Thanks to all. I have emailed Mr. Gangler for a convenient time for a phone call.