View Full Version : Specifications for Fujinon-L 300mm f5.6

Bob Phagan
1-Jun-1998, 02:06
If you could provide me with specifications for the Fujinon-L 300mm f/5.6 lens I would be most appreciative. This lens was purchased several years ago (ca. 1984) for use with 4X5 and I have been very pleased. I am now considering 8X10 and wondering if the Fuji has the legs to be more than a marginal performer in that format. Any information is welcome and appreciated,

Patrick Raymore
15-Jun-1998, 14:35
The Fujinon 300mm L has an image circle of 343mm. Enough for 8*10. I do not thin k they were ever EBC multi-coated. It has a Flange focal length (aka bellows dra w) of 280mm, so if 12 inch bellows draw is your limit this will get you under th e wire, but barely. I think the Nikon M has a flange focal length of ~290mm. The Fuji 30mm L comes in a #3 shutter, and probably that is the reason why it was d iscontinued when the "smaller is better" syndrome hit Fuji a decade or more back .