View Full Version : linhof end caps

e. a. smith
7-Mar-2007, 16:44
ANyone know where i can buy the original Linhof black plastic caps for a Linhof-Karden Color 45S monorail?

I'm having a rail made but would like the original caps if possible?


EA Smith

Ted Harris
7-Mar-2007, 16:53
Difficult as I recall Bob Salomon has said many if not most parts for this camera are no longer available. Having said that, I'd try Marflex first, the official US Linhof repair facility and then call Midwest and ask Jim if he has any kicking around in his 'junk' drawers.

Bob Salomon
7-Mar-2007, 17:26
They have not been available new from the factory for about 20 years.