View Full Version : Ross London symmetric anastigmat for 18x24?

7-Mar-2007, 16:22
I'm looking for a vintage, wide angle lens for my 18x24cm FKD.

I'm thinking about getting one of these...

Ross London symmetrical anastigmat

@ 5-1/2" f45-f8

5-1/2" (140mm) Will that cover 18x24cm, or am I pushing my luck, here?

.. and so I can visualise things, what would the equivalent be on a 35mm camera?


(Still very green when it comes to LF and lenses, sorry.)

Dan Fromm
7-Mar-2007, 16:39
Well, the VM is a little obscure but mentions an f/8 Ross Symmetrical Anastigmat that's not licensed or patented and whose structure is unknown. Says it covers 80 degrees. If that's the lens you're contemplating, asking it to cover 18 x 24 is, um, over-hopeful and unkind.

Ole Tjugen
8-Mar-2007, 02:09
If a 140mm lens covers 18x24cm, it would look a bit like a 20mm lens on a 35mm camera. That's w-i-d-e!

It would be better to look for something around 210 to 240mm, there are a lot more lenses and designs of that length that will cover.