View Full Version : bellows replacement

jj golden
6-Mar-2007, 21:24
i have an omega view 45d,, i think i should replace the bellows if possible. i tried to patch the pin holes with different methods but they keep opening back up. what is the name of a company that sales these,, thanks in advance

David Karp
6-Mar-2007, 22:23
Do a search on the site for Western Bellows, Camera Bellows, Replacement Camera Bellows, Turner Bellows. I think there are more, but can't recall their names.

7-Mar-2007, 14:11
Check out: http://www2.hawaii.edu/~mkapono/bellows.htm. Mark has a great price...I'm getting ready to have him fold a set for my Zone VI/Wista...

Rafael Garcia
7-Mar-2007, 19:50
Mark replaced mine and he did a beautiful job for a great price, and fast. I highly recommend him. You can find my post on the subject elsewhere in this forum, with photos.


jj golden
7-Mar-2007, 21:34
yes i think i will use him, he sent me an email, telling me of his services. i havnt gotten a price from him yet, thanks guys for all the info