View Full Version : 17 inch and 19 3/4 inch KODAK EKTANON

Simon Benton
6-Mar-2007, 19:39
I have a 17 inch and a 19 3/4 inch Kodak Ektanon lens in very good condition each with a flange. I bought them a long time ago and have never used them. Both lenses are coated with the Kodak Lumenized L logo. Are they worth using, are they sharp at infinity and will they cover 8X10? Is there any market for these type of lenses? I currently use a 12 inch and 14 inch Kodak Ektar in Ilex shutters on my 8X10 and they perform very well. Will the Ektanons compare?

John Kasaian
6-Mar-2007, 19:42

Can your front standard handle the wieght? I had a 19-3/4" and it was wonderfully sharp but big and heavy.
Good luck!

Simon Benton
6-Mar-2007, 19:47

I have a Kodak 2D 8X10 and it can handle the 14 inch Ektar in a shutter so I think it will support the weight of the 19 3/4 Ektanon. I will compare the weights.

John Kasaian
6-Mar-2007, 20:51
Simon, I love my 14" Commercial Ektar, but IIRC the 19-2/3" Ektanon is a different animal, perhaps a dialyte?

Now that you've got me thinking, maybe mine was a 21"---all I remember was that it was one big heavy lens---it made a 24" Artar look like a Cheetah girl! ;)

Mark Sampson
7-Mar-2007, 08:29
The Ektanons seem to have been made in a number of different focal lengths- I've never heard of a 17". Unlike other Kodak lenses, information about them seems hard to come by. The few I've seen have all been in barrel, except a 21" that had been re-mounted into an Ilex shutter. They all seem to be 4-element Artar or dialyte-type lenses, meant for process cameras or perhaps enlargers. They do carry the EK date code in the serial#, so it's easy to determine their ages.

7-Mar-2007, 08:53
I have one of the f10 17" copying ektanons and it is sharp, contrasty enough for the alt process printing I do, and easily covers 11x14 with room to move. I love mine and it was cheap to boot.

Craig Roberts
10-Mar-2007, 06:55
I have and use a 21-1/4 inch Ektanon. I have it mounted for my 8x10. I used it recently in Death Valley and am extremely pleased with the results.
Give them a try.