View Full Version : New Apo Tele Xenar 400 mm Compact2000 version

Paul Schilliger
21-Aug-2000, 05:54
I have seen this new lens listed on a well known retailer web site. Has someone informations on it's opening, shutter size, weight and overall performances?

Glenn Kroeger
21-Aug-2000, 17:58
Paul: I seem to recall that this new version was announced at the same time as the 210 SymmarXL. I think the Lotus View camera site had some info on both lenses.

Erik The Viking
22-Aug-2000, 13:59
Well, www.schneideroptics.com has new information on this lens and its f12/800mm variant replete with MTF curves and performance data.

Paul Schilliger
22-Aug-2000, 16:34
Erik, I could not find the info but for the older version. Where did you find it ? Glenn, thanks! Yes this web site has even a picture of it. I have had also some good infos privately, thanks Jesper.

F 5,6 , Shorter focal flange, 912g , more affordable, but still a big lens in Co pal#3. (For a while, I believed in a miracle and a Copal#1 even at f8, which would have made it more compatible with my somewhat flimsy field camera).

Patrick Raymore
22-Aug-2000, 17:57
A 400mm f5.6 in a Copal #1!!!! Only if they applied some of that aspheric magic to the design.

Paul Schilliger
23-Aug-2000, 06:17
Is there a real benefit in having a 400 mm with a f5,6 aperture instead of f8? I 'm sure it can be nice if the lens is used in the studio for 5x7, but what about landscape photography in 4x5?

Glenn Kroeger
18-Sep-2000, 18:24
Schneider posted complete details on their German web site today!




includes MTF and mechanical schematics