View Full Version : Help with my PA-45 Holder

George Kara
6-Mar-2007, 14:33
Hello All

I just purchased a used holder for pack film and dont have a clue as to how to use it. I have searched on the net and through this forum for some type of instruction manual without success. The fuji site doesnt seem to have a manual.

Forgive my slowness in figuring this out by looking at the back, but I really have no clue.

any advice would be appreciated alot.



George Kara
10-Mar-2007, 19:25
Perhaps no one here has used this holder or fuji fp 100c45. If not would anyone have a suggestion as to who I may speak with to help me with this instant film? Im getting streaks through the center of each image and dont have a clue as to what Im doing wrong. The instructions are written more like haiku or perhaps some sort of visual poetry that Im not able to understand. any help would be most appreciated.


11-Jul-2007, 16:56
from what I've read, the fuji pa45 and polaroid 550 are more or less the same in function, the difference is in quality (and maybe this just has to do with age as you can still buy the pa45 new).

streaking is supposedly caused by the roller mechanism. Are yours smooth, did you clean them?

29-Jul-2009, 17:37
hi folks don't know if the questions here are still valid but I recently contacted Fuji europe through their website and had the manual posted to me in about 2 days, the streaks are caused by pulling apart wrongly, I had this problem and then re read the instructions, the film has to be pulled from the corner and not from the centre and you won't get streaks.