View Full Version : Bellows making article view camera magazine

Darcy Cote
6-Mar-2007, 10:46
Hi there:

I called viewcamera magazine to get the article from the July/August 1996 issue on bellows making. They no longer have the magazine on file. Is there somebody that has it that can pass me on a copy of it through email or photocopy? I can't get it from them so I have to get it somewhere.



Curtis Nelson
6-Mar-2007, 11:42
I have a copy of that article. If it's OK with VC/Steve Simmons, I'll send it to you. Check with them and let me know.


Jeremy Moore
7-Mar-2007, 13:19

I'm looking for the same article. Maybe you could send it to VC/Steve and they could add it to their free articles on the website? (If the author agrees)

Lee Hamiel
7-Mar-2007, 15:37
If you're a subscriber that you can access the archives - I am a subscriber but will have to check & confirm that you can access that particular article.

I'll get back on this ...