View Full Version : Suitable Bogen legset for black Calumet Orbit 8x10

18-Aug-2000, 07:12
Just got into the 8x10 format with one of these beasts and a 14" Ektar Commercia l. What a joy this format is looking through such a large ground glass!

It's crashingly obvious that I need some kind of solid support. Mostly doing sti ll life indoors (long time exposures!) with occasional outdoor stuff. Wondering if any of the Bogen legsets rated for 26 pounds would be suitable. I'm hoping to get a geared head like a Majestic to sit on top. Thanks, Vinod

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
18-Aug-2000, 08:26
The last set of Bogen legs I had was the 3036 - with a Majestic head as you are planning to get. It worked well under a 13 lb. Kodak While that set up should work under the Calumet, heavy as it is, I would urge caution. I have also used the 3046 under the same camera, but without the Majestic head. Again, no worries.

I would try to get to a retailer with the different Bogen/Manfrotto models and try them out under your black beast and see how you like it. Heavy as tht critter is, I'd be inclined to get their top-of-the- line set - don't recall the model number, but it weighs as much as the camera does.

John H. Henderson
18-Aug-2000, 10:29
I use a 3046 for my Toyo 45A and it is overkill. I would think it would handle an 8x10 with no problem. It holds a lot of weight (26lbs) for its own weight (9.1 lbs) for a relatively inexpensive, aluminum tripod. I also chose it because it was tall enough to bring the camera to almost eye level without having to extend the center column.

John Hicks
18-Aug-2000, 15:00
I think the smallest Bogen worth considering would be the 3036.

Better yet, hunt up a used Majestic tripod w/gear head for most likely lots le ss money than just the Bogen legs. I can tell you for sure the Majestic #3000 le gs w/#1200 head works great with that camera even tilted way downward but it's d efinitely not something to lug around very far.

18-Aug-2000, 15:08
The 3050 with a geared Majestic head would be perfect. You may want to look at a Ries Dual-Tilt head also - it locks-up solid and due to the design can de adjusted to have a lot of friction during adjustment prior to lock-up.