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6-Mar-2007, 09:27
Perhaps a stupid newb question, but is a Quick Load what it sounds like?

A disposable holder. I assume you can use these instead of a holder.
Seems expensive to save loading your own but I'm probably missing something.

I've used the C-1 a little and I've just been given an opportunity to get a Calumet 4 X 5 so I hope to shoot more LF.

TIA for your patience.

Ted Harris
6-Mar-2007, 09:36
You have it half right. It is a reusable holder, you can also use a Polaroid 545x holder too. The film is packaged in a light tight paper envelope thatat you slide into the holder. There is a metal strip at the end which the holder grips. The big advantages are virtual elimination of dust and dirt n the film when loading and a huge weight and space saving.

John Brady
6-Mar-2007, 09:38
Paul Butzi has some information about Readyloads and Quickloads:


You will need to purchase a readyload or quickload holder. It is definitely more expensive but no dust and very convinient. Available for 4x5 in certain films only.

I use both but when I travel film packets are a lot easier.

Hope this link answers your questions.

6-Mar-2007, 10:12
Excellent! Thank you gentlemen.

So civilized here. On some other (non-photo) message boards they'd have eaten me alive for asking a question like that.:D

Ted Harris
6-Mar-2007, 12:59
The only dumb questionis the question NOT asked.

Welcome aboard.

BTW, I may have a totally surplus Quickload holder. PM me if you are interested.

6-Mar-2007, 15:04
Thanks Ted.

I think I'm gonna like it here.