View Full Version : Linhof Tech V and Nikon 500T?

Mike Lewis
5-Mar-2007, 18:52
Is it possible to use a Nikkor 500T lens on a Linhof Technika V at infinity? The specs for the lens indicate that the required bellows draw would be just within what the Tech V can do, but I'd like to know for sure. I'd be especially interested in feedback from anyone who has this combination. Thanks.

Bob Salomon
5-Mar-2007, 19:15
Not without an extension set like the Wista one.

Sideshow Bob
5-Mar-2007, 19:47
I use a 500T on my Tech IV, no problem. If you look at the posting I made for the lens shade, you will see the lens on my camera in one of the photos.


6-Mar-2007, 08:36
I also have used the 500T on a Tech IV without any extension devices. If the bellows extension is the same I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.


Ed Richards
6-Mar-2007, 14:33
I also have a IV and have used a 400T. While the 500T will focus, it is really racked out near the camera's limit. I decided that being able to focus a little closer with the 400 more than made up for the slightly tighter crop of the 500.

Mike Lewis
7-Mar-2007, 16:46
Thanks everyone for the feedback. Guess I'll start looking for a 400mm tele lens.