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5-Mar-2007, 18:40
I just received my F2. I am affraid I need some instructions. I only managed to figure how to focus and tilt - may be I am "technically chalanged":).
Any help highly appreciated,



5-Mar-2007, 20:59
I got to the movements. But may be someone could explain to me this little dial to left on the rear carrier?



David A. Goldfarb
5-Mar-2007, 21:35
That's the swing/tilt calculator.

Notice the dotted lines on the groundglass. To calculate tilt, focus ideally with the front standard so that the area in your desired plane of focus that falls under the dotted line on the bottom is in focus and set the calculator to zero. Then focus with the rear geared focus so the area under the top line is in focus. Read the tilt angle off the calculator, apply tilt to the front standard (or rear if you prefer), refocus, and the plane of focus should be where you want it to be. To calculate swing, do the same with the horizontal dotted lines.

If there is nothing to focus on in your desired plane of focus under the bottom line, then use rise/fall so that the dotted line is in a convenient place for the purpose of calculation, and readjust rise/fall after you've made the calculation.

JW Dewdney
6-Mar-2007, 00:09
Bummer I didn't see this thread earlier. I just sold an F2 and had the (brand new) 5-6 page instruction and set-up manual and could have scanned it for you. But alas - it is now out of my hands. But don't worry - it's really NOT black magic. Just start playing with it. It'll be quite obvious what each part does after almost no time at all.

Antonio Corcuera
6-Mar-2007, 05:10
Jan, you'll find lots of information on the sinar site (www.sinar.ch (http://www.sinar.ch)), under "cameras" and "f1/f2". Cheers, Antonio

6-Mar-2007, 07:00
Thank you very much,


Marcus Carlsson
6-Mar-2007, 13:06
May I use this thread aswell?

I just bought an F2 and I wonder how is the "safest" way and easiest way to put the film-holder in (it comes with the new type)?

Should I just use the little handles and press down the film half-ways down and then what?

/ Marcus