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Marco Annaratone
5-Mar-2007, 13:24
Can I use the centerfilter for the Super-Symmar XL 210/5.6 (size 6) on the SA 210/8? The thread size of the two lenses is identical but Schneider mentions the size 6 only for the XL. Is it because the SA 210/8 is long gone or because in fact the size 6 filter can't (shouldn't) be used with the SA?

(The above ignores the fact that the filter alone costs like a well-kept MF camera, but that's another story...)


5-Mar-2007, 13:56
It is my understanding that the center filter is designed for the lens or how the particular lens transmits light. For example, both the 80mm XL and the 110 XL use the IIIb center filter, because both have the same characteristics of light fall off. So, I don't know if the filter for the SS 210 is interchangeable with the filter for the SA 210.

Marco Annaratone
5-Mar-2007, 14:03
The more I look into it the messier it gets. Schneider says that the SS XL 210mm has a 135mm thread and the centerfilter size 6 has a 135mm thread. Badger Graphic and B&H say the filter size 6 is 127mm and "fits into both the SA 210 and SS XL 210".

But Schneider says there were TWO SA 210/8, one coated and one MC. The former with 127mm front thread, the latter (more recent, I assume) with a 135mm front thread.

I'm lost.

Ole Tjugen
5-Mar-2007, 14:39
There were two - http://www.schneideroptics.com/info/vintage_lens_data/large_format_lenses/super-angulon/data/8-210mm.html

One big & heavy, the other bigger and heavier.

Marco Annaratone
5-Mar-2007, 15:01
Thanks, but that's where I got my information as well.

Does anybody have some first hand info on this confused situation?

Marco Annaratone
5-Mar-2007, 15:04
Thanks, but that's where I got my information as well, which apparently contradicts what Badger and B&H say and what the owner of a SA 210/8 says as well, given that his lens has a 127mm thread, is 180mm long but _is_ multicoated (or so it says on the barrel...).

Does anybody have some first hand info on this confused situation?

Ole Tjugen
5-Mar-2007, 15:15
Marco, that's perfectly normal. The confusion, I mean.

I have a 90mm f:8 Super Angulon in a 00 shutter, not mentioned on the Schneider site. And an almost brand new 210mm f:6.1 Xenar, not mentioned either - too new to be "vintage" and too old to be "current", I guess... Oh - and four or five other undocumented Schneider lenses, too!

Marco Annaratone
5-Mar-2007, 15:25
I'm still confused but at least I am in good company now :) :)