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Erik The Viking
16-Aug-2000, 11:14
I remember faintly reading about a commercial photographer cross-processing his Polaroids in Photo District News (Oct '99?) last year. The details escape me an d I am wondering whether any readers can fill me in one this technique or have t ried it themselves. If my faulty memory serves me, the photographer shot an 8x1 0 B&W Polaroid, peeled off its developing sheet, peeled off the developing sheet from a COLOUR 8X10 Polaroid and then used THIS sheet to develope the B&W Polaro id. Or was it the other way round? That is, shooting colour Pola, and developin g it in B&W Pola chemicals.

I remember seeing the most remarkable monochrome positives from this photographe r whose name escapes me.

Can any readers help?

Erik The Viking
16-Aug-2000, 11:19
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17-Aug-2000, 19:35
even it works its so expensive and wasteful.-J

Bill Jefferson
19-Dec-2000, 20:10
Hi Erik,

Sorry this took so long to read, but using 809 neg and 803 positive will yield a sepia print. The art world has been doing this for a while. for further info contact polaroids customer care center at polaroidwork.com