View Full Version : Reflex viewer and Deardorff

Walter Jakubowski
4-Mar-2007, 12:57
I'm wondering with all the Deardorff cameras out there if anyone
has ever made a reflex viewer for these great cameras?

Ed K.
4-Mar-2007, 22:13
Do you have a 4x5, 5x7, 8x10 or ? Deardorff?

I don't know if anyone has made a reflex viewer for the 8x10, however you might be able to adapt one from another camera if it's a 4x5 - basically, you'd have to make a holder frame for it. You might be able to adapt one of Peter Gowland's universal reflex viewers that mostly fit Graflex cameras by fitting its mounting frame to your Deardorff back.

I can't speak for the 4x5, but the 8x10 Deardorff back is rather sensitive to rocking - if one were tweaking with a reflex hood in place, then let go of the hood, the camera might "settle down" in a different place Some specimens are probably a little less wobbly this way.

Reflex hoods are a bit bulky for large cameras, so they probably wouldn't be so great for a large field camera unless you don't mind the bulk.

John Kasaian
4-Mar-2007, 22:38
Down a few swigs of absinthe and the regular gg will look rightside up. Of course you can't legally do that in the USA ;)

Walter Jakubowski
7-Mar-2007, 18:43
Thanks guys. I suppose necessity is the mother of invention.
I vaguely remember my first view camera, an old Graflex, which was
stolen, having a folding reflex viewer which certainly would
pack nicely. I've been shooting large format for 25 years and
I still have a hard time wrapping my brain around an upside
down and backward image. Maybe that absinthe would help
in that regard...


neil poulsen
8-Mar-2007, 08:14
It's occurred to me that someone could "invent" (or could have invented) a reflex viewer that slips into the Graflok International back, just like a roll-film holder. It could be designed to be used in either orientation. (Horizontal or vertical.)

I can think of a weakness of such a viewer; it would need it's own ground glass that would be vulnerable to breaking. Set it down on a rock, and good by ground glass. Still, one could use plastic, or something.

But, I've never seen anything like this. I have seen high priced viewers that only fit one camera. e.g. Arca. Wow, that thing's expensive.

J Peterson
14-Jun-2007, 07:30
I've found just what you're looking for.


It's Paolo Roversi shooting on a deardorff with what looks like a Sinar Hood on it.