View Full Version : Can you identify this shutter please?

4-Mar-2007, 11:24

It's Russian, I know that much. There are a couple on ebay. Can I trust them to work, and has anyone opened one up to fix?

Also has anyone made payments through "2checkout" ?? I see no SSL certs or anything, I'm not sure I wanna trust my card details through them. I got this link for paying details http://www.tobacco10.com/ris/PayAll.htm and the seller has a really high feedback in the thousands..

What do you think?


Jim Galli
4-Mar-2007, 11:33
Ash, it's either a unaweirda or a wonnafunkyolda. I'd have to see the back. Isn't this the shutter the Russians send into space. Couldn't be any worse than a myoldapackarda that I'm forever bragging about. Sorry buddy, I'm no help at all. :p :D

4-Mar-2007, 11:39
Jim, that helps a little....well it doesnt help at all but still :D

Thing is, it's half the price of a brand new Packard from Reno (about $90-ish vs $160), and if it has those speeds 'working', it may be more use on the field camera as well. I'm torn, I know the Packard will work as it's NOS and comes will two bulbs, tubing, warranty etc etc. But at half the price and possibly more functions. Hmm..


Ole Tjugen
4-Mar-2007, 12:29
Is that one of the shutters that blyatnikov is selling?

If so, I have only good experiences with buying from him. Even using the 2checkout I've had no problems at all. :)

4-Mar-2007, 12:36
Yes it is Ole. He has two available and I'm trying to decide if it's worth buying one :)

Any idea on the 2checkout exchange rate?

Ernest Purdum
4-Mar-2007, 13:53
I have bought from Eastern countries using, I think, 2checkout and had no problems at all. I have one of these shutters and it works fine, though noisily.

4-Mar-2007, 14:01
Noise is no problem to me, the Leica/Rollei are for quiet shutters :)