View Full Version : Wista copal 1 board on Master Technika

Serge J-F. Levy
3-Mar-2007, 21:32
I am using a Wista copal 1 board on a master technika with a 210mm. lens. If you are familiar with this board, the lens sits slightly off center, specifically a little lower than center. Is this a problem at all working with a 210mm lens? Does it limit my rises and falls? Is there a reason they make it lower?


Oren Grad
3-Mar-2007, 21:38
It's standard for Technika-type boards. Original equipment Linhof boards are drilled with the hole decentered downward as well.

Brian Ellis
4-Mar-2007, 00:40
"Is there a reason they make it lower"

They make it lower because of the way the front standard of a Technika is constructed. Having the hole lower on the board actually centers it on the film.