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3-Mar-2007, 12:58
Can I use Condenser lenses as 'taking' lenses?

The largest has a focal length close to 4 inch, and gives a nice effect, but the diameter is huge. That one will be mounted and played about with I guess.

But I have a whole bunch, and to be honest if I wanted a fisheye lens for a small format they'd be great, but I want a longer focal length.

How to I order the lens cels to increase f?

Anyone tried it??

3-Mar-2007, 13:31
Are you sure you mean condenser lenses or darkroom process lenses?

If it's condenser cells from condensing enlargers, it might not be worth the effort unless you can't afford magnifying glasses. If you want to order them together, then you will need a mounting rail to observe your effect and hold the lenses in situ, and experiment in that way....unless you have a degree in optical physics and can work out optical formulae....!

Good luck ;)

They might be good use for photograms.

3-Mar-2007, 13:34
actual condenser lens cels.

I've been trying to play around with the ordering etc, but yes, I need to mock up a rail/rack system to hold them in place.

So the trick is to buy a couple magnifying glasses too?