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1-Mar-2007, 19:49

Michael Graves
1-Mar-2007, 20:35
That's pretty amazing if you ask me. Great eye for details.

John Cahill
1-Mar-2007, 22:09
Looks to be a great combo. I have 50 sheets of EFKE 25 in 5x7 I cannot wait to try with that combo. Thanksamillion.

Ted Harris
2-Mar-2007, 06:55
I've been using this film in everything from 35mm through 5x7 for 35 years ... great stuff.

2-Mar-2007, 08:00
Is EFKE one of the brands now kaputt with the closing of the Eastern European factory?

Jan Pedersen
2-Mar-2007, 08:15
Efke is alive and not affected by the Forte closure.
The Efke 25 is also fast becoming one of my favorites. Did give up on the 100 though, to much garbage in the emulsion. Anybody seen the same problems in the 25?

2-Mar-2007, 09:16
The Efke 25 has a delicate emulsion surface. I'm trying hardening fix to sort it out. Not sure if I'm winning.

With the roll film the main problem is light leaking in daylight loading. It needs more care than standard films.

I've just got 100 sheets of Efke 25 in half-plate film size. The emulsion quality seems to depend on batch number from what I read. Generally with sheet film I've not had problems when I shoot 5x4".

Jan Pedersen
2-Mar-2007, 09:29
I only use Efke in 4x5 and the stuff i have seen in the 100PL emulsion can not be cured by any hardening fix, it is in the emulsion from the factory.
so far i have not seen any problems with the 25 but if i do it will go emidiately. Life's to short to spend time on insuperior film, it is always the best shots that's lost to film problems.

2-Mar-2007, 09:51
I agree Jan.

But too often the scratches are down to inferior handling and processing techniques.

At least that's what I put mine down to when I'm getting issues with the Efke. It's a good emulsion and it's much better than the cheaper 100PL.

It may have changed its name to Adox 25 and back again.

Ed Richards
2-Mar-2007, 10:05
As I consider going to Tmax 400 rather than my standard Tmax 100 to gain a little more speed when shooting in the wind, I am curious about the benefits of really slow film for large format. Grain is not really an issue - what else do you like? Is it a lot cheaper?

Ole Tjugen
2-Mar-2007, 10:49
I like the slow speed of Efke PL25 because it allows me to shoot wide open even in bright daylight. Such as with BIG lenses in s-l-o-w shutters, and even more so with bigger lenses with no shutter at all. I haven't trained my wrist to achieve consistent speeds above about 1/10 second...

Jan Pedersen
2-Mar-2007, 11:19
That is a good reason Ole, it does also have a very nice tonality and used on cloudy days shows nice contrast and details. Don't think i would dare try it on a sunny day though.
Price is not really a reason for me to use it, after all there's so many other factors that determines the final print price than just the small difference in film price. At least shooting the small 4x5

Charles Hohenstein
2-Mar-2007, 14:38

You don't happen to have the instructions for that Graflex rollfilm back, do you?

erie patsellis
3-Mar-2007, 06:08
charles, try graflex.org, or a quick google search, I know I've seen the instructions recently.