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1-Mar-2007, 13:18
Hi, I am new to large format photography. I am going to buy a fotoman 45PS camera and wanted some advice on lens choice. I've settled on a 150mm focal length. or should I get the 135mm. (I want an all around lens to do portraits landscapes etc,..) Can you recommend a moderately priced good quality lens. I was looking at a used Nikkor 150 5,6F W or should I spend more and get a Schneider or rodenstock or Fuji.

Thanks in advance

Wayne Crider
1-Mar-2007, 14:32
A 210 would be a better portrait lens and can easily suffice for a landscape lens as well, but I wouldn't personally go that far just because of the bulk of the cone as I like to walk around and take shots in the city. I guess out in nowhere land it might not matter.
My only question having considered this camera is the close focusing ability, so I doubt I would personally go past a cone for a 90mm lens. A 150mm lens would be a cheaper starting point, are usually good lenses, and have a shorter overall length with the cone, so why not. They do have cones for a couple of tele lenses and you can consider them as well. The whole list is available at badgergraphic.com under the camera model.

Rick Olson
1-Mar-2007, 14:38
Hello Scott-S,

I am thinking of getting one as well when it's too difficult or inconvenient to to lug my larger cameras out (5 x 7, 7 x 17). My thinking is to get a lens at 90mm or less for a wider view. For me, 150mm would be far too strong. My viewing preference leans more toward a wide and 90mm is as far as I would go. something in the 58mm-75mm range would probably suite me just fine and be a better hand-held option. Nikon is just fine as they tend to sell for less than the noted German makers. There will be no difference in image quality. Fotoman has the accepted lenses on their website that can be used for the camera.

Good luck,

1-Mar-2007, 16:03
You can't have a cake and eat it. With the 150mm you don't have the cake and you don't eat it either. Take the cake with a 135mm and eat it.

Ted Harris
1-Mar-2007, 17:07
I have used the 45PS with 58, 75 and 135mm lenses and far prefer the 75 for all around point and shoot, walk around grab shooting. Just faster and easier to use. Jim Andracki (yes he uses 'em as well as selling 'em) has shot extensively with the 135 ad he is very satisfied wtih its performance too. Portability does become an issue as you go out to longer and longer cones ... another reason why I prefer the 75. However, the 75 isn't going to be much use for portraits, then again the 45PS wouldn't be my first choice for a portrait camera either.

1-Mar-2007, 17:20
Thanks for your replies..:)