View Full Version : LF lens has strange nub.

Wayne Crider
31-May-2000, 18:37
My 90mm Graflex Optar has a round protrusion on the back, 3mm in diameter by 3mm high, that won't allow the retaining ring to tighten the lens to a metal lensbo ard. As it is I would have to drill or file a slot for the nub to seat the lens flat to the board. But it still won't allow the retaining ring to tighten down. Did they use spacers for this lens?

31-May-2000, 20:24
There was a matching slot in the lens board to assure that the shutter was seated so the shutter release would just touch the little dojigger connected to the body release.

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
1-Jun-2000, 01:13
yeah, Large Format can be so technical, eh Dr, Mitch?

1-Jun-2000, 21:18
I always thought the little screw was to keep the whole shutter from turning when you wind it. I have had to take the screw out on some mounts. Original boards had a small hole for it. It seems like even new shutters have them.