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jj golden
28-Feb-2007, 22:21
hello, i bought a kodak 127mm ektar lens, i havent gotten yet, but i was wondering what is the filter thread size for this lens? and does anyone else use this lens, i heard it was sharp. im very new to large format, dont know much yet so im sure you will be hearing alot from me, I got my first LF camera last week, an omega 45d. i have been shooting medium format for a while now and i felt it was time to take the plunge so to speak. thanks

jj golden
28-Feb-2007, 22:28
and also i need a shutter release for this lens, does anyone know where i can get one, i cant find anything on ebay. is there a certain type of release? thanks in advance

Greg Lockrey
28-Feb-2007, 23:26
Are you asking about the electric solenoid trip?

Robert A. Zeichner
1-Mar-2007, 01:40
The 127 f4.7 Ektar has a front O.D. of 38mm (1-1/2") and requires a slip-on adapter to Series 6 drop-in filters. Not exactly stock items any more, but commonly found at used camera shows. As far as the proper cable release is concerned, if memory serves me correctly, the Kodak Flash Supermatic shutters take the American thread type of cable release. This is the 5-44 NF-2 standard. I have such a release and it fits all my F-S shutters just fine. In a pinch, you could try a tapered type, but don't force it much past snug or you could strip threads.