View Full Version : Replacing rangefinder mirrors

tim atherton
28-Feb-2007, 17:25
Does anyone know if these are good enough to chop up and use for replacing rangefinder mirrors (super graphic)?



28-Feb-2007, 17:55
Yes they are perfect. They can be a bit "thin" compared to most original RF mirrors, but a piece of safety match + some epoxy makes up for it -- as long as you make sure to nark down the position of the original reflective side, and put the new mirror in the same position.

I replaced the RF mirror of my Crown a few month ago with just the product you are linking to, it worked great.

tim atherton
28-Feb-2007, 19:14
thanks. how easy was it to cut to a tiny little rectangle?

1-Mar-2007, 09:40
very easy; use the right tool, or use your/your wife's diamond ring/earing and a metal ruler, then break. This replacement mirror is quite thin, so there is little danger of it splintering.

1-Mar-2007, 18:50
To fix the rangefinder in my Kodak 3A I purchased a bag of regular mirrors at the local craft place (Michael's) for $2. There are 10-15 1 in square (25.75mm) mirrors in the bag that are 2mm thick as well as a bunch that are 1/2 in.