View Full Version : E-6 Reversal bath recipe

28-Feb-2007, 10:53
Hi, Folks:

Recently I started to shoot trans and back to darkroom work again. I just found that I ahve problem to get E-6 kit as what I did before. As I have plenty "raw" chemicals in stock, I decided to make E-6 by myself.

I found the recipe of Watkin "Chrome Brew - making your own E-6 from raw chemicals". However, there is no "reversal" bath as regular E-6 have.

I understand it can be made by exposing film to strong strong light, but I have problem of maintain a stable lightsource, and personally I prefer to do it by regular method "reversal bath".

Does anyone have a recipe of reversal bath??

I tried the following link:
"" http://www.frii.com/~jkbl/reversal/reversal.html ""
but it seemd the article has been removed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Dysan C. Tsai