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27-Feb-2007, 12:54
I bought an old Busch Pressman. See http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?p=221125#post221125

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the lens that came with this camera?

The lens: C.P. Goerz Berlin, #365721, Dopp - Anastigmat DAGOR 1:6.8 f/150mm

I did a little digging on the net and it sounds like this is German made Goerz Dagor made between 1918 and 1926. The shutter is a Rapax Synchromatic made by Wollensak. The slow speeds seem a little slow which is common.

I picked up a box of Polaroid 54 film today to play around with.

Anyway, anyone know these lenses?


27-Feb-2007, 13:17
I *still* haven't sorted out using my own Dagor which is 180mm. If you research on the forum here you'll find they are held in quite high regard, depending on age and type. I'd love to find a 300mm dagor :)

Mark Sampson
27-Feb-2007, 13:22
Well, one of the last 150mm Dagors ever made, a 1970's version by Schneider, was for sale last week on this forum for I think $1400. You have a classic lens; it should produce excellent results, if a little lower in contrast than a modern (coated ) lens.
Other forum members with more knowledge than me will no doubt chime in, or just search the forum for 'Dagor'. Also look on the front page of this site for "classic lenses".

27-Feb-2007, 13:53
I wish my lens was worth that much! I just did some reading. The Dagors are sort after. The best ones had serial numbers higher than 770xxx. These lenses are newer than the "Berlin" lenses. Seems like some shooters love these older lenses and some not so much. After taking a couple of'roids I can see that the lens is sharp. The shadows seem smooth with a good range without being too contrasty. This may be due to the lack of coating though.

I am pretty happy with this cool camera and funky old lens for a little more than $200.



27-Feb-2007, 13:57
Hey, mine was free off my grandfather, who was given it by my grandmother's boss (a keen amateur) at some point years ago.

I was DAMN lucky mine wasn't given away with the rest of my grandfather's camera gear when he stopped using a darkroom (he planned to use the dagor as an enlarging lens) - it was in the bottom of a box of bits and pieces. Course, so was the Zeiss Nettar 515 :D

Struan Gray
27-Feb-2007, 14:10
They have become a bit of cult item. There are still bargains to be had though:


27-Feb-2007, 14:16
Hmmm....2kg... It'd be cheaper to fly and pick it up, than to post to the UK insured :D

27-Feb-2007, 14:37
Here is my first photo taken in ambient room and candle light.

27-Feb-2007, 14:40
Can't complain with that :)

27-Feb-2007, 16:44
Here's my "inferior" 1910-or-so Dagor 168mm f6.8 in it's original shutter. On "inferior" chinese 100 ISO film pushed to 400...

Scan at 1200dpi, followed by 100% crops of the scan


27-Feb-2007, 16:50
I REALLY ought to mount mine and shoot some film with it!

Jim Noel
28-Feb-2007, 09:16
One of my Dagors is a 150mm Berlin. I use it on both the 45 and 57 cameras. The shutter is an early Deckel Compur which has been CLA'd a few times.
This is a beautiful combination which I use regularly. It is an especially nice focal length on the 57.

By the way, I don't shoot film with it, I expose film with it. I don't like the holes made when film is shot.