View Full Version : Any experience with 6x12 roll film holders?

27-Feb-2007, 10:33

27-Feb-2007, 11:04
Sorry, not with the Chinese backs. I have a Horseman, and it is a great back, very well made.

Tom Coverdale
27-Feb-2007, 11:09
Sorry, not with Chinese models. I used a Calumet 6X12 and it worked great....Tom

Richard Littlewood
27-Feb-2007, 11:10
I've got one of these. On first sight they look OK, but they are more like toys, and not what could be called in any way high quality. Having said that though I did a bit of messing around with mine like shaping with a file a 45 degree angle of the film aperture, a bit of extra light seal foam and matt black paint, smoothing any surfaces that the film slides over, and at great personal anguish I even made a light tight baffle that fits in to a carved out internal hollow, made out of parts from an old riteway dark slide that despite being something of a DIY job works a treat, and now the darkslide can be pulled free of the back to make an exposure. Its still a bit of a crap back, and I'd rather it was a known high quality make, but I bought it from a geezer in China off E-bay and it became a personal challenge to make it trustworthy. Its a good back now, but if you have the money go for one that is already good.

27-Feb-2007, 11:13
Like Robert, I use the Horseman 6 X 12 back and have had no experience with the Chinese backs. The Horseman is very well made and works very well. It uses the Universal back for loading onto a Camera and is substantially more expensive than the Chinese backs. I will have to have the Horseman back milled down to slide into my Toho Shimo FC-45X spring back (but the Toho opens very wide unlike most other cameras).


Walter Calahan
27-Feb-2007, 11:21
Use a Horseman. Good luck.

Jiri Vasina
27-Feb-2007, 14:59
I've just received the Da Yi 6×12cm holder, looks well made and good. I'll hopefully try it during the weekend. (It seems to be a bit sturdier than what you have in the picture though)


27-Feb-2007, 15:12
The Da Yi and Shen Hao ones got good review and are well built. The one in the picture above looks like junk. Da Yi and Shen Hao also make 6x17 back for 4x5.

Mark Pope
6-Mar-2007, 11:19
Tried an older shen-hao. It leaked light so sent it back.