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27-Feb-2007, 08:40

My quest now is to restore the Kodak Ground camera to a 'fully functional' level.

I had it at "can use half plates and maybe 4x5 but no shutter"

I'm thinking if I sell the Sinar 4x5 back and modify a wooden 4x5 reducing back, that would give me a well-fitted...well...back.

I also need to sort the shutter situation.
I was going to use an empco shutter and re-design the same mod as I used on the Cambo, but on a smaller scale using the empco. then I realised there's JUST enough clearance to let me drill into the front standard, and transfer the same shutter/lens stuff over. - http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?t=23098

Can anyone here offer some advice on where to source a (B&J??) reducing back? Well, somewhere OTHER than ebay..

The outer dimensions need to be at least 8 1/4" (preferably 8 1/2") on each side.

I'm also then after another Packard No6 (2 1/2") shutter.. but it seems I'd have to buy new??

27-Feb-2007, 12:14
ok update to the plan.

I've taken a hacksaw to the Empco. It's now relatively flat, and no more or less useless than before ( :D ) .. I measured the front standard and I SHOULD be able to fit the same shutter mod as the Cambo on this camera too. Only worry is careful drilling to avoid nice big holes in the bellows.

Anyone got info on PACKARD IDEAL No. 8 shutters??