View Full Version : Back from out west - what did I forget?

Chad Jarvis
30-May-2000, 10:33
This isn't really a question, but responses are welcomed. Just got back Saturday from the Four Corners region, and I am happy to report th at much to my surprise nothing was broken, lost or stolen. I would like to than k everyone who offered tips regarding what equipment he/she can't live without w hen embarking on such a journey (12 states, 6800 miles); I found much of the inf ormation quite useful. Special thanks must go out to everyone who warned of wind and dust problems. I was well-prepared with ziploc bags and compressed air due to the sage advice.<br > I problably won't have all the development done for a couple of months... cross your fingers.

Charlie Stracl
30-May-2000, 13:55
Film supposedly looses speed if you wait a long time after exposure before development. I suggest you develop now, and wait as long as you need to before printing.

Wayne Campbell
30-May-2000, 14:29
Not a word about the snakes. How were they?

Chad Jarvis
30-May-2000, 15:01
No snakes (and my wife didn't like the snakebite kit recommendation at all). As for film, you are welcome to come to my house to develop all you want. I'm sending the color stuff out, but the black and white will have to dwindle slowly from the fridge as I work through it.