View Full Version : My first 4x5 press camera: Busch Pressman

26-Feb-2007, 19:03
I got my first 4x5 "folder" today, a pretty nice Busch Pressman D. I love the "retro" look of these cameras.

Its in pretty good shape and has a working 150mm Goerz Dagor lens on a Wollensak Rapax shutter. I don't think the Dagor is original. A previous owner has removed the side mounted rangefinder which is OK with me.

I really like the sturdy all metal construction and the rotating back. The geared controls are impressively smooth. The Busch supposedly has more movements than the Crown Graphic etc. The Crowns and and older Supers did not have the rotating back which was the main reason I went for the Busch. Front rise with vertical shots will be easier. I did one test Polaroid and all looks well. After using a studio Sinar I can see that I am going to miss not having any swing movements.

I will need to have the shutter tested. The lens looks very clean though.

Quick question: is there a way of connecting these flash contacts so I can use PC cords and studio strobes etc?



26-Feb-2007, 20:52
Here is a great review of this camera with a fine example of same:


Vick Vickery
26-Feb-2007, 21:20
My first 4x5 was a Busch Pressman with a 135 Ektar. Really a well made camera and tough as nails. Wish they had made it with a Grafloc type back...I find the Calumet slide in roll film holders kinda bulky and cumbersome. Enjoyed that camera!

26-Feb-2007, 21:26
I know this is an issue with this camera: not accommodating the Grafloc back for 120 film. For me its a non issue as I already have a 6x7 MF system and a 6x17 system that can switch to 6x12 and 6x15...(Gaoersi 6x17)


Dave Parker
26-Feb-2007, 23:08
If it has bi-pole contacts you can buy a cord that fits the bi-pole and allows it to attach to the PC cord to use regular flash as well as studio flash, I normally just make my own, with a electric razor cord and a discarded PC cord that I pick up at the local shop for about a quarter.


Gene McCluney
27-Feb-2007, 01:05
The name for the flash connections on your lens/shutter is Bipost. You can get a Bipost to household sync cord, or you can use an electric razor cord as suggested in post above.

27-Feb-2007, 12:43
Thanks Dave and Gene.

I tried the electric razor cord trick and it works! Something I would never have thought of...