View Full Version : Voigtlander Heliar 4.5 36mm

big al
26-Feb-2007, 17:33
I recently obtained a truckload of old process camera lenses, but also including this huge Voigtlander lens . I was wondering what manner of camera this piece of glass would have graced? I have been able to find a lot of info from this forum and Google , but have not as yet discovered what particular camera (brand or type) it would have had behind it Also included was a huge Apo Nikkor f9 480mm. which was on a process camera (as was most of the lenses I have ) But the Voigtlander looks like it may have been on a plate or large field camera . I would welcome some historical perspective on this lens .I encloser a photobucket link to a picture of the lens.. http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y34/tuiteka/voigtside.jpg I hope someone out there will have some knowledge on this subject Chgeers to all Big Al

Jim Galli
26-Feb-2007, 18:31
It would look good on the front of one of these.


I used one for some of the photos in this story. (http://tonopahpictures.0catch.com/The1940FordPortraits.html)

I have a friend who is looking for one.

Oren Grad
26-Feb-2007, 18:40
Al, Heliars have been used on view cameras of many different types and vintages. They are still highly sought after by users who appreciate their distinctive rendering, and can have substantial value if in good condition.

If I recall correctly, Heliars are at their best when used in a slightly long focal length for the format, so a 36cm Heliar should be a good match to an 8x10 camera.