View Full Version : Ross Wide Angle Anastigmat

Neil Purling
26-Feb-2007, 02:30
Seen one of these lenses in barrel. Focal length of 3 1/4", but the max aperture was only f16. Anyone have any information as to what optical design it follows, a Protar perhaps?

Dan Fromm
26-Feb-2007, 04:53
Yes, Protar Ser. V.

Neil Purling
26-Feb-2007, 05:42
What sort of coverage in degrees to calculate image circle? Good for 4x5 or not?

Dan Fromm
26-Feb-2007, 07:15
Neil, you really ought to treat yourself to a copy of A Lens Collector's Vade Mecum.

The VM says 110 degrees at f/32, ought to cover 4x5. If you're looking at the one on eBay.co.uk, I want it too even though the coverage would be wasted on my little cameras.

Ole Tjugen
26-Feb-2007, 07:39
A rough guide is that 105 degrees is three times the focal length. So that little 80mm lens should cover 240mm - or 5x7" with a little bit of movements!