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Herb Cunningham
25-Feb-2007, 20:06
I have spent a few hours looking for a used studio equipment dealer.

I have a Toyo 810G that i use in the studio and would like to find a used camera stand that will handle it without spending the money a new one costs.

I have a ten foot ceiling, but do not need that much height. Anybody know a source of such used equipment?


Ernest Purdum
25-Feb-2007, 20:09
I see them on eBay fairly often. Try searching the tripod section for "Saltzman".

25-Feb-2007, 20:22
Hi Herb,

As Ernest says... they do turn up on ebay every so often. The only challenge is in finding a seller who wouldn't mind dismantling and ship the unit. When I was on the search for one... most of the sellers insisted on pick-up only. :(

IIRC, B&H Photo had one a while back but their shipping costs required an arm and leg (since the 280 weighs a fair bit!)

[I finally found one after a long, frustrating search... they were local! :)]

The usual suspects that would work for your Toyo would include the Manfrotto Salon 280 and, of course, Cambo has some very nice units. The last Cambo unit that I saw on ebay sold for a paltry US$300 or so.

Btw, look for the units with the center foot lock instead of the individual ones, which are a bit more of a hassle in actual use!

Good luck in the search!


Jim Rhoades
26-Feb-2007, 18:16
Herb, All the luck to you. I was looking for one in the tri-state area (NY) on e-bay for at least a year. I had want ads in all the forums. Zilch. Walked into my photo dealer one day and he had a 8' Omega on consignment for $300. Oh man, are these nice to use.

Put the word out everywhere. And list your location, maybe someone will know a friend of a friend...

26-Feb-2007, 18:31
I found one on ebay a couple years ago for $150.00 but had to drive from Salt Lake to San Fransisco to pick it up. It was great, my wife had never seen SF, we left SLC at sun up and had dinner on Fishermans Wharf at sunset, picked it up the next morning and drove home by midnight. You can find them but you might need to do a bit of driving.

27-Feb-2007, 05:00
If you are in Toronto area to pick up there is a nice 1960's model on ebay130084176697 for $99. I have one like it and they work well in the studio

Herb Cunningham
27-Feb-2007, 13:53
Thanks guys, my local shop's owner was out of town when I wrote the thread- he got back and called me.

He only has 8 of em. two are twelve footers.

We did a deal.